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 UFOs or ‘unidentified flying objects’ remain a key military and intelligence issue for governments all around the world. Despite their sometimes relaxed posture to sightings and the publics perception of them, UFO sightings are indeed investigated. For example, the UK Governments stance on UFO sightings is that unless there is evidence to suggest that an unknown craft is posing a threat to national security then they are not readily investigated. Recently released MoD files however suggest that their interest in these strange sightings involve more investigation than we are lead to believe.  





The sole purpose of collecting sighting reports from our readers is to gain further understanding of this controversial and popular phenomenon from the individuals whom have experienced it. UFO witnesses range from all walks of life from all backgrounds, to blue collar workers, airline pilots, to police and military officers. UFO sightings are of course not a localised phenomenon, with reported sightings deriving from every nation across the globe.


Famous and above all credible, witnesses include Jimmy Carter whom was involved in the infamous case of 1969 ,which may have been a sighting of Venus, and the ‘Flying Cross’ incident in Devon, UK where an unknown craft was chased by two police officers in 1967.

In a further infamous case, now labelled the ‘Portage County UFO Chase’ which took place in 1966, again, two police officers gave chase in their police vehicle, a bright illuminated UFO for over 15 minutes by which time over seven policemen became involved in the pursuit.

Many UFOs are observed in surroundings which do not provide an accurate frame of reference from which distance and dimensions can be cataloged. These strange objects can sometimes hover silently for extended periods and then instantaneously soar of at incredible speeds which conventional aircraft cannot travel.

We generally believe that around 90 percent of unidentified sightings can be attributed to mother natures causes such as meteorites, distant planets, birds, aircraft, satellites, or space debris. This clearly leaves us with around 10 percent of cases which cannot be attributed to rational explanations.

Several witnesses have in the past explained to me that they had not intended to comment about their experience but thought the information they held may be of importance and felt it their duty to report.

  Typical witnesses statements often report watching stationary flashing lights low on the horizon for extended periods whilst observing they are not observing a star or indeed a planet. Sometimes even experienced witnesses, when in unusual environments or atmospheric conditions become confused, but in normal circumstances upon reflecting after the event fairly accurate descriptions can be recorded. This includes items such as the date of sighting, time, duration, number of witnesses and location facts.  
  Although many reported UFO sightings are later explained as lights in the night sky, a considerable amount are unknown objects with defined shapes often observed by several witnesses, and in some cases in many different cities. It is worth noting however that the majority of UFO cases go unreported, and for this reason there are many hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings which have not been fully investigated around the world.  

I summary, whatever it is you have experienced, felt, seen in the skies is worth reporting. Don’t loose you voice and be heard amongst the crowd, your experiences are important, and you may not have been the only one whom also ‘experienced’ something!


A suppressed UFO sighting and military intercept over Greek airspace has recently been exposed. The sighting took place 11th November 2007 close to 3.10am, when the pilot of Olympic Airways 266 navigating from Athens and destined to arrive in London, was alarmed to identify a star like object out of his cockpit window. The pilot noted the object was clearer, brighter and larger than a star but most notably displayed a constantly evolving form. The sighting was recorded on the ,


The sighting was not limited to this flight only however given the captain of Olympic Airways flight 730 to Kos and the captain of Olympic Airways flight 700 to Rhodes also observed the same object simultaneously. The ground based radar at Athens Air traffic Control also picked up the UFO and at this point officials from the Greek aviation authorities alerted the Greek air force.

The Greek Air Force further confirmed they too were tracking the object from their radar station at Parintha Mountain range just outside of Athens and confirmed the craft was travelling at immense speeds and was not identified as any Greek military craft.


Following the sightings by both commercial airliners the Greek Military scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to intercept the UFO, radar operators from the Parintha mountain range then observed the craft accelerate at great speed off their radar. The pursuing F-16’s did not engage or make any visual contact with the UFO.

This sighting has remained classified for over a year and has recently been leaked to the Greek media outlets whom have publicised the story based upon the aforementioned leaked documents and witness testimony. Greek Government officials have commented that this was a mistaken sighting of the planet Venus….

We understand there are some official Greek Aviation reports in circulation along with a cockpit voice recording of flight 266 from Athens to London. Once we have authenticated these documents we shall be in a position to post further information into this intriguing incident.



On the evening of July 2, 1947, a bright, disk-shaped object was seen flying over Roswell, New Mexico, heading northwest. The following day widely scattered wreckage was discovered about seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell by a local ranch manager, William Brazel, together with his son and daughter. The authorities were eventually alerted and a quantity of wreckage was recovered by Major Jesse Marcel, a staff intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office at the Army Air Forces base at Roswell Field, together with a Counter-Intelligence Corps officer.

  When the officers had returned to the Roswell base, an official press statement was released, authorized by Colonel William Blanchard, confirming that wreckage of a flying disk had been recovered. Shortly after that, Marcel was ordered to load the debris on a B-29 and fly it to Wright Field ,currently Wright-Patterson AFB, at Dayton, Ohio, for examination.  
  On arrival at an intermediate stop at Carswell Army Air Forces Base, Fort Worth, Texas (headquarters of the Eighth Air Force), General Roger Ramey took over and ordered Marcel and others on the plane not to talk to reporters. A second press statement was issued which stated that the wreckage was actually the remains of a weather balloon and its attached tinfoil radar target, and this was prominently displayed at the press conference. Meanwhile, the "real" wreckage arrived at Wright Field under armed guard; Marcel returned to Roswell, and Brazel was held incommunicado for nearly a week while the crash site was stripped of every scrap of debris.  
  A news leak via press wire from Albuquerque describing this fantastic story was interrupted and the radio station in question, and another, were warned not to continue the broadcast: "Attention Albuquerque: Cease Transmission. Repeat. Cease Transmission. National Security Item. Do Not Transmit. Stand By.  
The unidentified wreckage, scattered over an area three-quarters of a mile long by several hundred feet wide, consisted of various types of debris, which according to Major Marcel was like nothing he had seen before or since. In his words, "There was all kinds of stuff---small beams about three eighths or a half inch square with some sort of hieroglyphics on them that nobody could decipher. These looked something like balsa wood, and were of about the same weight, except that they were not wood at all. They were very hard, although flexible, and would not burn. There was a great deal of unusual parchment-like substance which was brown in color and extremely strong, and a great number of small pieces of a metal like tinfoil, except that it wasn't tinfoil.

Marcel added that one piece of metal foil, two feet long and a foot wide, was so durable that it could not be dented with a sledgehammer, despite its being incredibly light. Marcel was absolutely convinced that the material had nothing to do with a weather balloon or radar target. His testimony cannot be dismissed, owing to his background in aviation: he had served as bombardier, waist-gunner, and pilot, had logged 468 hours of combat flying in B-24 aircraft, and was awarded five air medals for shooting down enemy aircraft in World War 2. Toward the end of the war he was attached to the 509th Bomb Wing, an elite military group for which all involved required high-security clearances. Following the Roswell incident he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and assigned to a Special Weapons Program.

Marcel was certain that no bodies were found among the debris, and that whatever the object was it must have exploded above ground level. But the evidence suggests that there was another crash site, in an area west of Socorro, New Mexico, known as the Plains of San Agustin, where witnesses supposedly discovered not only a damaged metallic "aircraft" resting on the flat desert ground, but also dead bodies.

The first witness on the scene was Grady L. "Barney" Barnett, a civil engineer with the US Soil Conservation Service who was on a military assignment at the time. He told some friends that in early July 1947 he had encountered a metallic, disk shaped "aircraft" about twenty-five or thirty feet in diameter. While he was examining it, a small group of people arrived who claimed to be part of an archaeological research team from the University of Pennsylvania.

Barnett later told his friends, "I noticed that they were standing around looking at some dead bodies that had fallen to the ground. I think there were others in the machine, which was kind of a metallic...disk It was not all that big. It seemed to be made of a metal that looked like stainless steel. The machine had been split open by explosion or impact.

I tried to get close to see what the bodies were like. They were all dead as far as I could see and there were bodies inside and outside the vehicle. The ones outside had been tossed out by impact. They were like humans but they were not humans. The heads were round, the eyes were small, and they had no hair. The eyes were oddly spaced. They were quite small by our standards and their heads were larger in proportion to their bodies than ours. Their clothing seemed to be one-piece and gray in color. You couldn't see any zippers, belts, or buttons.

While we were looking at them a military officer drove up in a truck with a driver and took control. He told everybody that the Army was taking over and to get out of the way. Other military personnel came up and cordoned off the area. We were told to leave the area and not talk to anyone whatever about what we had seen... that it was our patriotic duty to remain silent.

It is not known for certain if the craft and occupants allegedly witnessed by Barnett were connected with the Roswell wreckage. The Plains of San Agustin, near Magdalena, New Mexico, are about 150 miles west of Brazel's ranch site. Was the wreckage recovered at Roswell part of the same craft that had somehow managed to remain airborne for that distance before crashing on the Plains, or was it another craft that had also crashed? Some believe that two flying saucers collided, with one crashing at Roswell, the other making it to the Plains of San Agustin before crashing.

Bill Moore co-author of "The Roswell Incident", in one of his updated research papers on Roswell, concludes that while there is insufficient evidence to substantiate Barnett's story or to justify linking it with what he calls the "proven" recovery of out of the ordinary wreckage at Brazel's Roswell ranch site, there is no reason to entirely dismiss the account.

There is also the intriguing theory that the first press release, announcing the recovery of a crashed disk, was a counterintelligence ploy to deflect attention from the craft and bodies then littering the Plains of San Agustin.Leading researchers Stanton Friedman a nuclear physicist and author and Bill Moore have interviewed at least ninety-two witnesses who provided information about this sensational incident, of whom thirty were involved with the discovery, recovery, or subsequent official cover-up. Ten of the original witnesses have identified the object as nonterrestrial in origin.

July 31, 1996

Roswell, New Mexico is a place where UFOs are casually accepted like any other community might take for granted the ice cream truck that cruises down the street in the summer. It's simply part of the fabric of the town. "Oh, yeah, we've seen them," residents say nonchalantly. For all we know, little green men may advise the city fathers over a game of cards on Sunday nights. We visited for the same reason everybody else does certainly not for the summer cultural arts series to see the old Army Air Corps base near where the infamous 1947 flying saucer crash took place, or didn't, depending on who you believe.

[Roswell's pride and joy.]The Roswell incident has become somewhat of an American myth, akin to Bigfoot, New Orleans voodoo, and Navajo skinwalkers. Sure all of these things could exist; I'm open minded. Gee whiz, I figured, maybe in Roswell I could talk to some locals, take a drive to the crash sight and accidently kick up a shard of unmalleable alien metal for the grandkids. Roswell is a quaint, clean and quiet town of 50,000 that sits politely on the sun-baked eastern plains of New Mexico, closer to Lubbock, Texas than Albuquerque.

There's a long main street named Main Street. Robert Goddard, the physicist who launched the first liquid-fueled rocket in 1926, practiced rocketry here. And on Main Street in Roswell, two "UFO museums" are the big attraction besides the waffles at the Dutch Kitchen.

The Enigma UFO Museum's big claim to fame is a large-scale model of the crashed UFO and its mangled little, almond-eyed alien passengers. It's cool in an eighth-grade science project kind of way. The rest of the place is covered with vintage space posters, UFO pictures, star maps and Star Wars/Trekkie stuff. The souvenirs were decent. There was an on-request video viewing of a documentary on the incident. I wish I could say more but it was barely worth the $2 entrance fee.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center (ha-ha) was a little better with chirpy, true-believer, senior-citizen guides hoping to be in the good graces of whatever space crew brings the "Cocoon" to Roswell, no doubt proudly showing off the diorama of the "alien on a gurney" scene from the recent, "so fake I thought I was watching the Comedy channel" Roswell alien autopsy film.

This is the film recently aired by the Fox network, supposedly shot by a government intelligence officer/cameraman during the official autopsy of the alien bodies after the alleged 1947 crash. The purported cinematographer, whose identity has never been revealed, said the film sat undeveloped for the last 48 years and, because he needed some scratch, thought it might be a good idea to dig the old cannisters out, develop them and show the world the truth about what happened in 1947. Consider this. The biggest event in the history of human civilization and this guy's got the film evidence stashed in his closet next to his bowling trophies and autographed pictures of Jerry Lewis.

The rest of the "research" center consisted of displays of UFO pictures, basic astronomical info on meteors and comets, and some cool alien guitar picks in the souvenir shop. [A montage of alien mania.]Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed. Well, it was a nice drive in the country and it was fun in a cheesy, Americana, kitschy kind of way, but I certainly didn't get the vibe -- until, driving back north toward home, I detoured a couple of miles west off U.S. 285, stopping in the approximate area of the crash.

There, amidst the gently sloping plains, covered in thin grass and sand beneath a stormy spring sky, with not a tree, fence post or telephone pole in sight, not a noise to be heard but the immense silence of the high desert, I tried to conjure up the image of aliens cruising at supersonic speed over hill and dale, cow and coyote. Why were they here? What were they looking for? Why did they crash? Did the driver fall asleep at the wheel? Or was he (it?) turned around, yelling at the little alien brats to stop fighting or he was "going to turn this ship around and head straight back to the mother ship, right now, I'm not kidding!" OK, let's look at this little town in a different light.

Here's a place where the first American research rockets were launched by Robert Goddard. Roswell Air Base was home to the sole American atomic attack force immediately after World War II. White Sands Missile Range is about an hour down the road. The Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb was exploded, is about an hour away. Los Alamos is close by, too. If you were an alien on routine anthropological patrol, and you detected a civilization's first atomic blast, you would head to the Roswell area, too.

I now present to you the most exciting aspect of my trip to Roswell. While the museums will leave most only mildly amused, I think the following verbatim transcript of the newspaper account, from a front page copy I purchased at the Enigma UFO Museum, may tingle the spine a bit and leave you with the sense of wonder and paranoia about visitors from outer space that gripped the nation and the world in the years after World War II. The following account is from the Roswell Daily Record, Roswell's newspaper of record, Tuesday, July 8, 1947.

Area 51 is a parcel of land in the Nellis Range Complex located about 30 miles south of the town of Rachel, Nevada. In Area 51, near the dry bed of Groom Lake, is a test facility for military aircraft. It is a base was so secret that even though it had been there over forty years it wasn't until 1994 that the government confirmed that it existed.

At the border of Area 51 are no trespassing signs that warn that the "use of deadly force is authorized." On the public land outside the boundaries electronic sensors in the ground detect foot and vehicle traffic. Unmarked Blackhawk helicopters that cruise the perimeter, searching for intruders, are ready to summon unidentified, armed patrols to greet unwelcome visitors.

When curious spectators found a ridge that let them observe the base from a distance of 12 miles the government quickly moved to withdraw the hill from public use. Now the closest public observation point to Groom Lake is now Tikaboo Peak (7908') some 25 miles away to the east. Even the sky there is made secure by the "Dreamland" restricted airspace zone that extends outside the borders of Area 51 and up to space. The zone is in effect twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and not even the military pilots that use the rest of the huge Nellis range dare to breach it.

Over that last decade Area 51 has also come to be associated with UFO's. There were stories that a flying saucer that allegedly crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, had been brought to the Nellis Complex and was under study. In 1986 a gentleman named Bob Lazar went to the press. He claimed that he was a former government physicist and had been assigned to work in a secret underground base, designated "S4", that was about 15 miles south of Groom Lake at a place called Papoose Lake.This is just north of Yucca and Frenchman Lakes where above and below ground nuclear testing took place since the 1940s. According to Lazar the base consisted of a series of hangers containing nine alien flying saucers that the government was trying to understand and reproduce.

Most dismissed Lazar when the educational background he described for himself did not check out. Still, the incident helped cement the idea of UFO's and Area 51 in the public's mind.For the hobby minded you can purchase a model of the flying saucers, built to Lazer's specifications, that is marketed by the Testor Corporation. Quite a few UFOs have been reported being seen near Area 51.

Though many locals suspect the sightings are the result of seeing disc shaped conventional aircraft, a cottage industry has grown up outside the boundaries based on the mystique of UFO's and aliens. You can get a burger at the "Little A'Le'Inn" (pronounced "Little Alien"), a cafe located in the town of Rachel. Even the legislature of Nevada, in a fit of whimsy, has gotten into the act, renaming route 375, which runs along the eastern edge of the Nellis Complex, "The Extra-terrestrial Highway."

Space Aliens

This time-honored techno-myth endures on a barren stretch of geography. It seems an unlikely place, this land of tumbleweeds, bullet-ridden road signs, ravens, free-roaming cattle, and extremely hospitable “ranches” (which on the way out, proclaim “Come Back Soon.” Trust me, I know. But it is here, insiders argue, where the amazing truth behind mankind’s long alleged involvement with aliens from outer space will finally be revealed.Area 51, supposedly, is where the preserved remains of two space aliens and their exotic aircraft are stored in a mysterious bunker known as Hangar 18.

  The possibility that there are aliens and alien spacecraft in Area 51 has drawn thousands of visitors to the remote desert town of Rachel, Nevada, to an installation that is not supposed to exist, and kept the pulse of the town alive as surely as many persons believe the government has kept alive the beating hearts of aliens in a clandestine hangar. Are there space aliens here? I don’t know. Honestly, I worry about more mundane things such as how, in this dreadfully hot summer (2005), I am going to pay my electric bill.




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