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We are Not Alone


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    Aliens and UFO's seem to have been around since the dawn of time and very little mainstream research has been done to help prove or even disprove the existence of extraterrestrials visiting our planet. With the staggering amount of abductions, testimonies, UFO pictures and even Alien pictures you would think the Governments of the world would be looking into the matter with a more serious approach. Unfortunately any information they do have seems to have been dubbed Classified and will never be viewed by the general public.  
Real Aliens

  Research and Understanding is the only way man ever evolves as a species. Since we know that Aliens and UFO's exist and since our leaders either aren't trying to understand our not so far off friends or are hiding something very important, it seems that it's up to us as the people of Earth to conduct research of are own. Without the help of you the reader we simply will never find the truth. If you have had any type of experience with Aliens or UFO's it's very important that you report that data Here so we can archive and investigate it and make it readily available to anyone who wishes to know the truth.  
Proof-UFO and Alien Pictures  
  In todays world every one seems to have a camera handy for when the unexpected happens and that includes unexplainable objects in the sky. There are so many different UFO sightings around the globe that it's becoming increasingly harder for Governments to simply say it was a weather balloon. Mix that with the different Alien pictures, paintings, and sculptures from thousands of years ago up until today and the evidence becomes impossible to ignore.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words than good video is priceless. We have obtained many different alien videos and UFO videos and put them up so the general public can have access to the truth. Some are extremely credible and proven to be real beyond a doubt while others, shotty with bad camera work, are still very fascinating and can't be left out of the mix.

As more and more people have video cameras and are pointing them to the sky you can bet were going to get many more undeniable UFO videos over the next few years and hopefully even a few more videos of real aliens.
Russian UFO Crash

 UFOs exist, the proof is undeniable. Thousands of people make reports yearly of strange lights performing impossible maneuvers that traditional earth-bound aircraft, commercial, military, etc; could never accomplish. While most of the world's governments try to deny the reality of their existence, they blame the sightings on natural aerial phenomenon, the planet Venus, swamp gas, weather balloons or mass hysteria.

  There is one ultimate truth that the world is afraid to accept...the reality that we are not alone in the universe, the proof is here, the proof is real, seek out the truth...Aliens the Truth.


Pictures of the Alien Autopsy at Roswell, NM-1947

The case of Roswell New Mexico, or better known as Area 51, has been subject to controversy for years with no clear explanation. While there are dozens of witness testimonials about a UFO crash landing that looked like a flying sauser near Roswell in Corona, NM the Air Force and US Government used the time tested excuse of "it was just a weather baloon". Though in a report from Lt.  
Walter Haut from the Air Force in a Roswell news paper he claimed that they had recovered a UFO and several bodys. Not surprisingly that was soon covered up and disappeared off news stands just days later. Then in 1997 they added in the report that there were crash test dummies abord and was probably the reason people witnessed aliens being carried off. Which all seems a little too deceiving to us and the rest of the world to really be just another weather balloon.  

Crop Circles From 1994 to 1997

These crop circles are from 1994 to 1997. Image one is a Spider web type of crop circle that was from Avebury, Wiltshire and taken on 8-11-1994. Image two is from 1996 and no other information is available at this time.

Mesoamerican type crop circle and creates a lot of debate on how long aliens have been visiting us and the part they played in ancient civilization. Image four and five were taken in 1997-place unknown.

Alien Encounters Story's and UFO Sightings

Every day there are hundreds of UFO sightings and even many Alien encounters all over this big blue globe. Unfortunatly no one seems to document them for research purposes any more even though the study of these visiting vacationers is an important step to understanding as much as we can about them.  


So here we have an updated list of encounters and sightings submitted by people all over the world just like you that have been up close and personal with these extraterrestrials and flying saucers. We leave no stories out and are all completely unedited accounts (Including spelling and grammer) organized by date of submission.

  How many people believe in aliens ?
What do they look like ?
Theories about their existence
The Alien Theory

In the far distant past around 240 millions BC, an intelligent technological species of theropod did evolved on earth. This species developed space travel and established colonies in nearby star systems. The asteroid impact that apparently occurred 65 million years ago devastated this civilization as well as nearly destroying the entire ecosystem.  
With their home civilization on earth devastated, the colonies were left to evolved on their own. It would be likely that the earth would be monitored and as the ecosystem recovered these reptoids would resume operations on earth. Given the distances and effort involved to move resources back to earth, it is likely that a need to augment the local work force with a native labor force that could accomplish the more menial and laborious tasks.  
A simple means of acquiring this labor would be to utilize local terrestrial stock and genetically alter this stock as necessary to accomplish these goals. This idea is not without precedent, since mankind itself has done this with horses and other domesticated livestock. It is likely that this is how modern man was developed.  

  Given the current status of humanity, it is likely that problems arose almost immediately with this race, simply put, they could not overcome the instinctive aggressive and independent nature of the base stock. It was because of these problems that another subservient race was developed.  
This race however, was not derived from local stock but was engineered from scratch to fill the need and to overcome and prevent the problems encountered earlier. The result of this effort was the grays. It was discovered that for certain tasks, the independent nature of humans was a desirable trait, and also these humans proved to be a ideal host for the gestation of the gray's fetus. Therefore, although the grays replaced humans for most tasks, human were continued to be utilized within the society on a limited basis. It is from this human group that the Adamski/Meier humans might be derived.  
  After a time, the interest in earth declined, and only a small observation post was left in operation. Mankind was therefore left to develop on earth with only occasional interaction with its former inhabitants. In the meantime, the reptoids were continually modifying the grays, and developing specialized grays for specific tasks.  
At some point, the grays evolved enough cognitive abilities to realize there status, and it is this faction of grays that is active on earth attempting to overcome their built in limitations. It is the remoteness of earth that allows this group of grays the required freedom of action.  
To gain sustenance these grays must obtain certain nutrients and the simplest and most direct means is to mine them from local fauna.

To reproduce, the grays must obtain host females (called a "container"). Since utilizing the native population of humans currently carries little risk of interdiction, and no requirements for maintaining the host, this method is preferred. Specialized grays, (these grays are taller and more slender that the basic stock) developed specifically to work in genetic engineering labs, oversee these operations as well as the effort to cross-breed their race with humans in an effort to overcome the built in limitations.

Females are taken, the DNA evaluated, and if acceptable, the female is tagged for future recovery. Males are also evaluated, and if suitable, tagged for future recovery, some of these males may be used to impregnate current stock of host females in order to assure the transfer of desirable traits to future hosts females.
Other activities involve evaluating the nervous and other systems and tissues in order to optimize the ongoing development their cross-breed's capacities.

The greys have several ongoing problems:

1.The need to increase their number as quickly as possible.

2.As their population increases, more support facilities are required and must be developed. This diverts needed resources from the effort of obtaining self sufficiency. Also as more excursions are required to obtain the suitable containers, the likelihood that their purpose will be discovered and coordinated native interdiction initiated increases. Also the sheer numbers required to continue the breeding operation mandates that they seek hosts in more densely populated areas.
3.As the local military capabilities become more sophisticated it becomes increasing difficult to maintain covert activities.

4.The master race may arrive and intervene at any time.

5.The governments that are aware of their presence may discover the true purpose of their activity and attempt active intervention.
  Russian UFO Crash KGB Cover up-1969    

Area 51 is the most secret military base ever, the U.S. Gov’t doesn’t even speak of it or acknowledge its existence. Area 51 is located in Groom Lake, Nevada. Groom Lake is not really a lake, instead it is a vast flat desert wherein in the center you will find a military air base. Area 51 is so restricted that you will get shot if you trespass on the area. Even the airspace above Area 51 is restricted too, they call it “The Box” and I assume that any aircraft who wanders in “The Box” will probably get gunned down too.

Surprisingly, Area 51 does not have any fences at all but rumor has it that hidden cameras, sensors, and other highly advanced devices alert the government of any intruder.

It is also said that the perimeter has an advanced smell device that could distinguish humans from animals. Pretty cool! I wonder when that technology will be commercially available?

Area 51 has been called different names like Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, The ranch, Homebase, watertown Strip, and most recently Homey Airport. But the name Area 51 is the one who got registered on everybody’s mind and even upto now residents near the facility are referring to the base as Area 51.


Aliens on Earth



Are there extraterrestrial aliens on planet earth?

Here are the main possibilities

1) Aliens live in the core of Earth

Edmund Halley (of Halley’s comet fame), Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe et al. have advanced the notion of aliens living inside the earth, either deep in caves or inside a hollow alien-created sphere we know as Earth.

2) Aliens cohabitate Earth in a different dimension

Humans deal in a three dimension world, or a four dimension world if one would like to include time as a fourth dimension.  If we postulate other dimensions, those could be inhabited by aliens, who we would not directly experience as they would be outside our five senses.

3) Aliens are on earth as life of extraterrestrial origin

This theory postulates that life from other planets could travel to earth either by radiation pressure, as microorganisms in rock, or by some deliberate attempt by extraterrestrials to seed the universe.



4) Hybrid aliens

Based on abduction reports, some believe that aliens (primarily Greys) are making human alien hybrids.  One method is to extract human eggs  and sperm and combine them with alien DNA.

5) Aliens in collaboration with the government

A Men in Black theory that aliens and the government have reached an agreement to let aliens live on Earth, perhaps in exchange for their advanced technology.

6) Matrix reality

Like the movie, this idea is that aliens control the Earth, and have created a virtual reality for humans.  Humans are actually in a womb-like container their entire lives, being feed computer generated sights, sounds, touch, smell, taste.  Aliens are able to harvest energy from humans.


The Grey Alien


Greys are typically described as 3 to 6 feet tall, weighing less than 100 pounds.  They are humanoid in appearance. They have very large almond or oval shaped black eyes. The eyes do not appear to move about in their socket, nor do they seem to focus on anything in particular–i.e., they appear more like a camera lens than a human eye.
They have gray skin color that is either reported to be smooth or somewhat rough; they do not have hair or fur.  Their bodies are frail and they have long delicate fingers, typically reported as four per hand.  They have little muscular definition. They have a slit like mouth.  They do not show indications of breathing.

Greys do not wear any clothes or ornamentation.  They do not show signs of audible communication, though they clearly communicate by some, perhaps telepathic manner.

The Greys are the alien species that is believed to have crashed their spaceship at Roswell, New Mexico.

In recent years the most common sightings of extraterrestrials has been that of the Grey alien species.  They are also responsible in most accounts of alien abduction and experimentation on human.  The experimentation usually concerns extracting eggs or semen.

The well-known report made by Barney and Betty Hill in 1961 describes Greys abducting them and taking them to their spaceship.  Based on a chart that Betty Hill saw on the spaceship, they are believed to be from the Zeta Reticuli system; hence they are called Zeta Reticulans.


Grey Alien

Real Alien Footage

Here’s some footage that is purported to be of a real alien in the Andes Mountains of Peru. These are the first three parts of a tape that shows remains of an alien. Witnesses claim they saw a spacecraft in the sky. Later, the alien was captured alive but badly wounded. It died soon afterward, and the military cleaned up the crash site.
The Andes Humanoid part I


  A tapestry called Summer’s Triumph created in 1538. Notice the saucer liked objects on top.

The Andes Humanoid - part II    

Aliens In History


Alien sightings are not really new to us humans, in fact, they were more rampant during the ancient times. I even believe that there was a close relationship between aliens and humans back then. How that relationship vanished, I don’t know.

There are tons of evidences present on ancient hieroglyphs in Egypt and did you know that even ancient paintings contain aliens and UFO’s? Even pictures of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary show evidences of Alien presence. The bible talks about giants, who came from the heavens, many times. Aliens were our allies and maybe they are trying to reach out and are wanting to rekindle the past relationship.

Ancient Paintings, Hieroglyphs and other materials that show UFO’s.


  The Baptism of Christ. Painted in 1710 by Aert De Gelder. Notice a disk shaped object with beams of light hovering over St. John The baptist. I’m damn sure that is not the sun.

The painting Madonna with a UFO flying at a distance.

The crucifixion - Painted during the 17th century. Notice 2 jelly fish like aircrafts on the background.

The Summerian Gods


Now, if aliens were not real what would have prompted these ancient artists to put flying saucers in their drawings? Why would the Egyptians carve UFO’s and Aliens in their history? We all know that the Egyptians mapped out their entire history in hieroglyphs. I don’t see any reason or I can’t even imagine them making up things while recording history. Doesn’t make any sense.

This only means that aliens have been around and have been guiding us ever since. They were welcome visitors and the people doesn’t seem to be afraid of them. They were regarded as the giver of knowledge by the Egyptians, maybe that’s why they were so prosperous and was able to accomplish great things.

What we need to do right now is to re-connect with the aliens and be allies just like before. I believe that the theory of alien technology bringing an end to all sufferings is true. If they had flying saucers at the time of Christ, can you even begin to imagine the kind of technology they have right now?

This all boils down to the Government and them trying to hide the truth. I just don’t know why the aliens are also putting up with the cover ups, whoever convinced them must be a pretty good lawyer. 

Alien Encounters  

Have humans had encounters with extraterrestrial aliens?  There are thousands who claim they have, from simply seeing alien spacecraft in the distance or up close, through seeing aliens to being abducted by them.  The nature of the claims are often similar: flying discs, bright lights, small gray or green creatures with large heads, large eyes and frail bodies.  The witnesses often claim to be temporarily paralyzed, stunned by lights and have lost a sense of time.  Alien experimentation usually is described as poking prodding, inserting strange devices to remove human sperm or eggs or insert alien devices.  Some claim that the purpose of the experiments is to produce alien/human offspring.  In some cases there is evidence of cuts or bruises on their bodies.

Alien encounters have been reported throughout history.  The Bible and ancient Sanskrit texts that refer to flying machines, can be interpreted as evidence of alien visitors, as Erich Von Däniken has claimed in his numerous publications.  They have also been described in all parts of the world.

Skeptics have no difficulty bringing up arguments to counter believers accounts.  They cite lack of convincing physical evidence of the aliens.  Some skeptics believe that those who claim alien encounters are simply seeking attention, or dealing with mental problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  On the other hand, there are rebuttal arguments for believers.  These often involve Government cover-ups to hide evidence.  Also, the aliens, given their advanced intelligence, are quite capable of destroying evidence.


The film takes place in Sverdlovsk, Russia (formerly Yekaterinburg) in March of 1969. In the KGB footage you see the Military and scientists responding to a UFO crash where a UFO fell from the sky and was jammed almost half way into the ground at an angle. There were many documents that were released with the film as well as the actual film canisters from the film itself. When you look at the video you can clearly see the authenticity, The soldiers are dressed appropriately for the times and the vehicles used are the same make and model as were used in the KGB around this time.

As with all UFO and Alien sightings there are many people out there that have been trying to debunk the video saying it was simply a hoax. This video however is much to real to be made by an amateur photographer. If it is indeed a hoax there was a lot of money spent and they did there research on the KGB before hand.

There for until someone comes forth with the film set footage or some other concrete proof we have nothing else but to believe that this is a real UFO crash in Russia that was covered up until a corrupt official decided to sell out with the truth. The real evidence is in the video though. It starts off with the military heading out to the crash site in the snow.  

The Jaw dropping video below is from a UFO crash site allegedly filmed by the Russian KGB during March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia.

If this were a fake video made by a film crew there would be many more footprints and vehical tracks then are there when there entering the site. Unfortunatly you don't get to see them unearth the craft but only them carring off the tree and metallic debri.

In the files that came with the film it was documented that there was also an organic being inside the space craft and the being had been sent for an autopsy and then destroyed. 




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