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Aliens Invaders

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 This page contains some excellent real alien sightings. In this section you will find stories of alien sightings, pictures and photos of aliens encounters. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these sightings, and the information. However as you can imagine fabricating these stories is possible, however after reading some of the stories you will find that the people involved have no motive to do invent stories of this nature. So many people have had alien sightings, and the stories are similar, from all points of the globe.  I don't see why so many people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these sightings anyways.
real alien picturealien and ufo picturesreal ufo picture

UFO Pictures
If aliens have visited Earth that it only makes sense that they had to use a space craft - what we as humans call an UFO - in order to make their journey from their home planet to Earth. Humans have always looked up at the sky so it isn't really a shock that some people would be lucky enough to spot a UFO in the sky. Ever since it has been possible to take pictures people who have spotted an UFO have been getting their cameras out and taking UFO pictures. Many of these people that have taken UFO pictures have faced ridicule and questions relating to their character because they have dared to go public with their UFO pictures. Some of the people that have taken UFO pictures have died thinking it was only them that knew the truth about UFO.

So, as a tribute to both them and the more modern day UFO picture takers, we have decided to publish their UFO pictures so people all over the world can now know what they knew first about UFO evidence.

A collection of real alien and real UFO pictures and photos. Even those that don't believe at first that that UFOs and aliens are real will certainly start to wonder when they see these amazing real life alien pictures and UFO photos collected from real people from all over the world.
Alien Pictures

real alien pic

This is just one available picture of a real alien autopsy. The mass media will try to tell you that these are fake images but they are just hiding the truth. We have decided to do the world a service and show the real alien pictures.

alien baby

Just like humans, aliens have babies and with so many aliens finding their way to Earth it was only a matter or time before a picture of an alien baby made its way into the public sphere. This alien baby picture is just one of many alien pictures we have available.
real ufo picture
The advances of modern day cameras have allowed for better quality UFO pictures to become available every day.

This is an UFO picture taken over a small town in Nevada, USA. It was miles away but the extreme zoom on the persons camera allowed an amazing UFO picture to be taken.

ufo pic
This is an example of one of the UFO pictures taken back in the days when the person who took the UFO picture was more likely to be sent to the loony bin than to believed about their UFO encounter. So, we have put these classic UFO pictures up on the site so that their proof of UFO existence can finally be seen by people that believe.

Pictures of aliens have been fascinating the people of Earth for a long time. It is only natural that we want to know more about the beings with whom we are sharing the universe. Through out the decades and centuries pictures and photos of aliens have surfaced. However, now in the digital age a greater and greater number of alien pictures have come to light. Certainly, the increased number of alien pictures has a lot to do with the number of people that have their own digital cameras or video cameras. With these cameras in the hands of everyday people there is more of a chance that there will be a camera around when there is the opportunity to take an alien picture of a real alien. The internet has also been a blessing for those of us that feel that aliens are real to publish out alien picture evidence without having to rely on others being willing to publish the alien pictures. So, we have decided to show the world the proof of the existence of aliens by publishing the alien pictures we have been able to find. The vast majority of these alien pictures are found on the internet. Which just goes to show that people will always find a way to tell the truth.
Help us collect evidence

We are on a mission to show the world that aliens and UFOs do really exist. That is why we are showing all these UFO pictures and alien pictures. However, we are only a small group of people and can only tell our own tales. The more people that speak the truth the more information is out there for people to make up their own minds.


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The mystery and doubts about extra-terrestrial life has been creating a lot of curiosity for quite some time. This has led to a lot of speculation as well as scientific investigation, but the questions still remain unanswered.It all began with the 1947 incident of Roswell, New Mexico, when a UFO (Unidentified Flying
Object) was believed to have crashed on earth. According to the FBI, debris of the UFO and three dead bodies of aliens were supposedly discovered. The US government, obviously, concealed many of the facts, thus leaving this incident to remain a mystery. Although there are supposed to be quite a few UFO sightings even before this incident, it is this that began the sudden upsurge of questions about aliens and extra-terrestrial life.Though the upsurge of alien investigation began after the 1947 incident, there have been many occurrences throughout life that in some way or the other indicate or give hints of the existence of aliens.

Some of the happenings have been as early as thousands and hundreds of years ago, which tells us that aliens might have been here much before than we had actually thought.One of the most intriguing evidences of existence of aliens has been found in human evolution. The human species of Homo neanderthalensis or Neanderthals were far more superior in intelligence and adaptability compared to their predecessors, the Homo erectus. The Neanderthals were quite similar to the Homo sapiens.

Some paleanthropologists and anthropologists believe that this change is not a natural process and that some kind of mutation was involved in the evolution from the Homo erectus to the Neanderthals. The Neanderthals came into existence about 250, 000 years ago. According to some of the paleanthropologists and anthropologists, aliens had come to earth at that time and transferred their genes into the existing humans and thus caused them to evolve into new, intelligent, and far more superior human beings.

Another very much intriguing indication of the existence of aliens, are the great pyramids of Egypt.
The ancient Egyptian civilization was established in the 3rd millennium BC, specifically around 3150 BC.The great pyramid of Giza was believed to be completed around 2560 BC.The other Egyptian pyramids were also believed to be built somewhere in the 26th century BC.The pyramids were built by huge pieces of blocks of stone with each block weighing about 2-3 tonnes. The pyramids were also built with a great amount of accuracy.The walls of all the pyramids are perfect equilateral triangles, i.e. each angle is of exactly 60 degrees. Each angle even inside of all the pyramids is of exactly 60 degrees. Although there are many theories of how the pyramids were built, it seems to be almost impossible that they were built by humans. It is hard to believe that humans in such an ancient era, without any advanced technology, built the pyramids with such huge blocks of stone and that too with so much accuracy.
 There seems to be some kind of technology used to build them. This gives an indication that the ancient Egyptians might have got a helping hand from a superior and much advanced species, which could be aliens. There is a strong possibility that aliens had come to Earth and helped them, for whatever reason, in building the pyramids.There is a lot of art work on the walls inside the pyramids. Among all these works, the most amazing thing to be found is drawings of electric bulbs and electric wires.This shows that there is a possibility that the electric bulb was invented much before Thomas Edison, which is again very hard to believe. It is very dark inside the pyramids, therefore, it is very obvious that the ancient Egyptians used some kind of light for all the art work. The more logical method would seem to be the use of fire by burning charcoal. But, if this is so, then there must be a lot of black marks of burnt charcoal all over inside the pyramids. Amazingly, there are no black marks to be found inside the pyramids. This strengthens the possibility of the use of electricity by the ancient Egyptians. Again it seems to be impossible for people of an ancient era to use electricity. This also gives an indication of the existence of a superior species, probably aliens, at that time. It could be possible that aliens at that time had come and used their advanced technology to help them in building the pyramids and making the art work inside the pyramids. It maybe hard to believe this, but it is equally hard to believe that the ancient Egyptians had some advanced technology.The ancient Maya civilization, established around 1800 BC, also gives some indication of the existence of aliens. The Mayans believed that their Gods lived in the sky and came down to interact with them and help them in solving their problems. It could be that these so-called Gods were aliens. It is possible that aliens used to come and interact with them. Due to their far superiority, the Mayans could have believed them to be Gods rather than aliens.
     The cave drawings of the ancient Mayans are quite mysterious. In the caves there are drawings of figures that resemble UFOs. It cannot be mere imagination, because human imagination is based on something. At a time when even the wheel was not invented, it does not seem to be possible that Mayans imagined figures like UFOs without any reference. They might have obviously seen something like it and then drew it in their caves. Their caves also depict drawings of alien-like figures and figures resembling space-men.The remains of the Nazca culture that flourished between 800 BC and 300 AD also gives an indication of existence of aliens. Archaeologists have found a runway kind of structure for aircrafts near the remains and believe that it was built in that time itself. It is obvious that if that is a runway for aircrafts it was in no way built and used by the people of the Nazca culture. Possibly, it was built by aliens and they used it to come down to Earth.It is also believed that the famous Nazca lines, geoglyphs created by the Nazca people, had something to do with aliens. The Nazca lines comprise of many figures that include simple lines as well as figures like humming birds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, llamas, lizards, and a strange image of two large hands. The lines are so enormous that they cannot be seen from the ground. They can only be seen from a much higher place. They range in size from 16.8 to 238 yards a football field is 100 yards. There seem to be many reasons for these to be created, one of them being religion. It is believed that these lines were created so that the Gods that lived in the sky could notice them and help them in their problems. Probably, they were sending some kind of message to aliens whom they believed to be Gods. It is possible that aliens used to interact with the Nazca people and during some kind of crisis they might have created the Nazca lines in order to call them back and help them out in their crisis.All these occurrences have been in the past, about thousands of years ago, and this makes it difficult to prove them. Nothing much can be said about these evidences. But one thing is for sure that it is hard to deny them. Some archaeologists say that these evidences are so intriguing and good enough that the only way to disprove them is that if aliens themselves come and say that they were not here at that time.Even today, we have come to know about many occurrences that give an indication of the existence of aliens. The most common of such occurrences are UFO sightings. UFOs are believed to be flying objects or spaceships in which aliens travel in space. There have been innumerable UFO sightings all over the world. Many people claim to have video clippings as well as still photographs of UFOs. Some of them have proved to be a hoax, but
 a lot of them seem to be authentic.
There have been times when people from different countries have seen the same UFO at the same time. Some pilots have also claimed to have had close encounters with UFOs. They say that during such encounters they lose all their radio signals and when they attempt to track it, the UFO suddenly disappears. Even NASA claims to have videos of UFOs that were taken in outer space.
Perhaps the most convincing evidences of aliens are crop circles. Crop circles are huge geometric patterns that are made on fields. These geometric patterns are as large as a football field. The most amazing thing about them is that these patterns, despite being extremely large, are very accurate and are made in the span of just one night. There have been times that a crop circle has been made by a large group of people in order to prove that they are just pranks and have nothing to do with aliens. But, it is easy to differentiate between crop circles made by humans and the ones supposedly made by aliens. Firstly, the ones made by humans are not even close to the ones believed to be made by aliens, when it comes to accuracy and finesse. Secondly, and more importantly, when humans make crop circles, the crops get scattered all over.Whereas, in the ones believed to be made by aliens, the crops are flattened in a systematic manner.It is believed that crop circles are made by the magnetic waves that come out from UFOs. Nobody really knows the purpose of crop circles. Some believe that they are made to give directions to UFOs. Others believe that they are some kind of abstract message by aliens to humans. There are others who feel that crop circles are just a way of aliens to tell humans that they exist.The stories of alien abduction also tell a lot about the existence of aliens. There are people who claim that they have been abducted by aliens and that aliens have performed experiments on them. Skeptics argue that all these stories are made up. According to them these stories are either blatant lies or just a result of their imagination. They also say that such people have dreams in which they are abducted by aliens and that they get so much affected by it that they feel that the incident has actually occurred. However, there is so much clarity in the description of such stories that they seem to be true. Also, there is a striking similarity in the description of all the abduction stories, no matter which part of the world the individual belongs to. There are too much of similarities in the description of the way in which they were abducted, the ambience, and the things that aliens do to them. Such similarities between the experiences of people belonging to different countries cannot be just a coincidence. In USA there are many clubs for people who believe that they have been abducted by aliens. In these clubs they share their experiences to each other and in doing so they try to lessen their fearfulness and trauma that they go through while being abducted.

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All these happenings, from the past till today, clearly show that there is something out there. Although these evidences give a good indication about the existence of aliens, somehow they are not conclusive enough. The evidences make us think that probably they exist, but nothing has yet been there that fully convinces us about their presence. Maybe the aliens themselves do not want us to be convinced about their existence and they might be playing the game of hide and seek with us humans, for reasons unknown.

Whether or not there is any concluding evidence, it is hard to imagine that Earth is the only planet that has life. Space has no limit and Earth is like a dust particle when compared to it. It cannot be that Earth is the only place in the entire cosmos where life exists.

It could also be that aliens are humans of the future. Millions of years ago, humans lived only in Africa. Gradually, due to human evolution, they moved out and spread in all parts of the Earth. It is quite possible that human evolution does not stop here. Maybe, in the future, humans further evolve and spread in outer space. They might be living many light years away and due to their advancement in technology they might be able to travel through time and come back to the past to have a look at their ancestors.

No one knows when the mystery of the existence of aliens is going to be solved. Nobody knows whether or not the mystery will ever be solved. But one thing is for sure that there are evidences that clearly give us an indication of the existence of aliens. These evidences may not completely prove their existence, but they are certainly not false and are good enough to believe. It is up to the individual to either believe the evidences that are there right now or wait until there is stronger evidence that give us undeniable proofs. Time will definitely give answers to all the questions and help in unraveling the mystery of aliens. Probably, one day aliens will themselves come and tell us about their existence. Then, there will be no other alternative than to believe that aliens do exist.
UFO Physical Traces Around The World
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One of the most famous cases of UFO landings occurred outside of Socorro, New Mexico, on April 24, 1964. Officer Lonnie Zamora came upon a landed craft which he first took to be an overturned car. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the object was egg-shaped, white in color with an unusual red marking on its side. Standing next to it were two child-size occupants dressed in white overalls. As he approached on foot to get a closer look, the object lifted off with a loud roar, the landing gears retracted, and the UFO departed at great speed toward the horizon. A smoldering bush and four rectangular indentations were found at the site.
1971, The Delphos Kansas UFO Landing Ring
UFO Casebook depiction, Delphos Ring
A very credible UFO encounter occurred in the small town of Delphos, Kansas in 1971. This case has never been debunked, and is still considered as one of the very best physical trace cases involving a UFO landing. Sixteen year old Ron Johnson, along with his dog Snowball, was tending the family sheep when his attention was suddenly drawn to a mushroom-shaped UFO appearing in the night sky. The flying object, metallic with multi-colored lights, was hovering approximately 75 feet away from Ron among some trees. Johnson estimated the craft was only a few feet above the ground. He estimated the crafts diameter at 6-8 feet. Stunned by what he was looking at, he tried to get a closer look, but the brilliant luminance of the craft did not allow him to make out any additional details. Ron described the craft as making a losound, "like an old washing machine which vibrates." The glow of the objects bottom increased as it began to rise up into the sky. Ron would later state that he was temporarily blinded by the brightness of the craft as it ascended. After he regained his sight and composure, he ran back to the family house to alert his mother and father, Erma and Durel. The bright, glowing object was now even higher in the sky.

Ron's parents came running around the side of the house to get a glimpse of the unusual phenomena. They arrived just in time to see the object, now big as the full moon, as it disappeared from view. The three Johnsons were shocked to see a glowing ring on the ground, right below where the craft had hovered. There was also a glowing material on some of the trees nearby. Family members would agree that the ground around the glow "felt strange, like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallized." Ron's mother's fingers went numb, like she had been given a local anesthetic. After they were sure the craft was not returning, the family settled down for the night.

When dawn broke the next day, the family immediately returned to the sight of the glowing ring, and to their surprise, it was still there! The inside and outside of the ring was damp from a rain shower, but the exterior of the ring was amazingly dry. The ring had a crusty appearance, as though the rain had simply ran off, leaving it bone dry.


Slightly over a month later, after a snow fall, the white ice had melted both inside and outside of the ring, but the ring itself maintained the snow drift. Investigators experimented with the ring by removing snow from a section of it, and pouring water on the exposed part. The soil would not allow the water to pass through. The Johnsons told their story to the local newspaper, The Delphos Republican. Reporter Thaddia Smith, along with several members of her family, drove back out with the Johnsons to see the site of the UFO landing and the strange ring. Smith's report was as follows:  

"The circle was still very distinct and plain to see. the soil was dried and crusted. The circle or ring was approximately 8 feet across, the center of the ring and the outside area were still muddy from recent rains. The area of the ring that was dried was about a foot across and was very light in color. The object had crushed a dead tree to the ground either when it landed or took off, and from appearance had broken a limb of a live tree when it landed. the broken limb was most unusual, it would snap and break as though it had been dead for quite some time, yet it was green under the bark, and the upper area still had green leaves clinging to its branches.

"...we observed a ring shaped somewhat like a doughnut with a hole in the middle. The ring was completely dry with a hole in the middle and outside of the ring mud. There were limbs broken from a tree and a dead tree broken off there. There was a slight discoloration on the trees." Further experimentation showed the ground under the ring to be dry to a depth of one foot. The ring itself was composed of a whitish substance, which was sent to a laboratory for analysis. The findings were as follows:

[it was resolved into fibers which] was vegetal in nature and belonged to an organism of the order of Actinomycetales, which is an intermediate organism between bacteria and fungus... family actiniomycete, genus Nocardia... [and is] often found together with a fungus of the order Basidomycetes, which may flouresce under certain conditions... one possible interpretation is that high energy stimulation triggered the spectacular growth of the Nocardia and of an existing fungus, and caused the latter to flouresce.

There would also be another witness to corroborate Ron Johnson's account of the UFO. Sheriff Enlow told the press;

"On 11-03-71 Mr. Lester Ensbarger of 416 Argyle St. in Minneapolis advised Deputy Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at approx. 7:30 p.m. 11-02-71 he had observed a bright light descending in the sky in the Delphos area."

Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as 'little people who look strange to us.'He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.Chillingly, he claimed our technology is 'not nearly as sophisticated' as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned 'we would be been gone by now'.Dr Mitchell, along with with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission.I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real,' Dr Mitchell said.'It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.


UFO theorists believe Roswell in New Mexico was the site of an alien crash in 1947

 Alien Abducted 

 Monday, January 25th, 2010

There exist many people who were brave enough in coming forward with descriptions on what they believe to have been a personal alien abduction experience.It is also believed that globally there may exist thousands of abductees with repressed memories of personal alien abduction experience.Don’t think yourself mentally ill just because you suspect having had such an experience but instead be comforted in the knowledge that you are not alone.

Aliens And Ufos 

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

In the past, I have written several times about being monitored by what are believed to be some form of intelligent species which from time to time have also included photographic evidence.Mainly, what has been captured were either unusual aerial type anomalies, or smaller in configuration, say about twelve inches in diameter, plasma like orbs which monitor silently more near ground level.I had actually taken the time to forward my information to some of today’s leading ufo experts but to no avail. Resulting in either being completely ignored or in having them show partial interest until showing them my evidence and then never hearing from them again.

The only people I might not fault are those from UFO Magazine, who had shown an interest in our story until they became famous with “UFO Hunters” and then had never heard another word from them since.People seem to have a problem believing anyone who claims to have frequent experiences. Or at least when its me claiming frequent experiences. And yet the internet is filled with numerous individuals, all blogging of they’re unique experiences, and yet get one individual who takes it further with photos and “we have a problem Houston”.

As I see it one of the biggest problems in the paranormal and ufological fields is “favoritism”. And if you don’t fit the social clique there could be a public ufo abduction taking place during rush hour traffic and witnessed by thousands and you can bet that not a word of it would ever see the light of day.The actual number of people being “monitored today” by elements “unknown” may never be known. Or at least if anyone does know they certainly are not close to divulging such information.

But be assured that such monitoring is occurring and on a regular basis. For this I know from what is reported by others and as documented by our own experiences. Whether it is believed by anyone else or not as such occurrences continue to independently effect those who it has selected for reason or purpose unknown.So now, once again, I publicly make known the following evidence, which was captured in the early part of March 2008 at our home which is located only minutes from downtown Rochester, New York.And in broad daylight!

In our main image we have an almost sky bluish disk shaped object hovering stationary, while almost perfectly blending in with its surroundings.It gets better.This image was captured moments later of “something” near where our power lines, and utility cables, two floors up, are attached to our home from the main road.I know that we are not alone, nor special, in having such experiences with the exception of being able to further document such occurrences with actual media captures covering such events. Which is eerie to consider as experience has proven that you’ll never capture any evidence unless it was intended. Remember that.So why reveal such information publicly?Mainly, to demonstrate the potential for such occurrences in a world which has grown indifferent towards anything beyond its conditioning.And to give strength, a sense of hope, and to acknowledge those who find themselves likewise effected by such experiences

UFO Pictures 

This is our archive of UFO pictures we have discovered over the years. We decided to put all of these UFO pictures in the same place so that anyone that wanted to see a UFO picture to find out the truth about UFOs would be able to find all the UFO pictures they needed to see all in the one place. These UFO pictures were taken over a wide span of time. Some of the UFO pictures date back to the very early days of photography and some are just about as modern as they can get. Regardless of what year the UFO picture was taken the fact remains that they are all thought to be real UFO pictures.

nazi ufo The buzz about this reported Nazi UFO has been all over the internet. So we decided to bring you the UFO picture of the famous Nazi UFO so you could see if for yourself.
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las vegas ufo Of all the cities in all of the world, Las Vegas is probably the one where even those people that claim not to believe in UFOs would probably expect a UFO to land. The only problem is that the town is so strange on its own that most people probably wouldn't even notice the UFO in the sky. Luckily, one tourist did think the UFO in the sky was a bit strange and took a UFO picture.

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ufo picture It is amazing how many UFOs come out in the day time. This UFO picture was taken in the early morning when a paper boy was doing his rounds in rural America. He just happened to have his camera with him so he took a few snaps but he knew nobody would believe the UFO picture he took. Hopefully he now knows that he isn't the only one that believes.

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ufo pic The time just after the sun has gone down is another good time to see a UFO. This UFO picture was taken just as twighlight was ending and the glow from the UFO was at its brightest. A few minutes later the UFO was gone with only this UFO picture to survive as evidence of its journey to Earth.
ufo photo This UFO picture was discovered by a man when he was clearing out his parent's belongings after they died. To his best guess, the UFO picture would have been taken sometime in the early 1960's and looks like it was taken a few miles from his parent's home in Kentucky. He doesn't know the story behind the picture as nobody is alive to tell it but when he saw the UFO picture it was he was seeing. To do help himself keep the memory of his parents alive he scanned the picture and put it on the internet so that the whole world could see what his parents saw that night.
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ufo picture This is another example of somebody taking a UFO picture by accident. He thought he was just taking a picture of an odd star in the sky but when he got home and zoomed in on the picture with photo shop he saw that what he thought was a star was really a UFO picture.

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ufo pic This is another UFO picture taken in the United Kingdom. THis time it was taken in Devon, England.

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ufo photo This is another UFO picture that was taken in the 1960's. The quality of the UFO picture is a bit grainy but we can clearly see that the UFO is hovering over the tree line. According to the person that took the UFO picture, it stayed hovering in that position for nearly an hour before suddenly vanishing.

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ufo picture This is a fairly unique UFO picture in that it shows two UFOs in the same picture. Taken in the 1950's in California it clearly shows the two UFO crafts traveling at pretty much the same level. It is hard to tell though if they are just floating or if they were taking off or heading in for a UFO landing. All the same, it still makes for an interesting UFO picture.

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This UFO picture was taken hovering over a castle in Germany. Numerous sightings have been reported on this site over the years but it wasn't until this UFO picture was taken that there was evidence.

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It is always nice when a UFO isn't just of the UFO in the sky but also shows the scene on the ground. In this UFO picture shot in the 1970's we are lucky enough to see a man on the ground reacting to the UFO spotted in the sky. It must have felt good for the person that took the UFO picture to know that at least one other person saw the UFO he saw in the sky.

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UFOs do move fast so it is amazing that many UFO pictures manage to be taken. This slightly blurred UFO picture shows the UFO in movement in the sky. You can almost imagine the speed of the UFO when you realize how much it moved in just the time it took the person taking the UFO picture to take the picture.

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Here is another example of a UFO picture taken in Europe. This time it is a UFO picture taken over the Alps in Switzerland. That makes sense when you think about it because it is obvious that a visitor from another planet is going to want to check out the major landmarks on Earth. The Alps certainly classify as a major landmark so it is no wonder a UFO picture would be taken flying over them.

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For some reason, it is fairly rare to see UFO pictures that taken in a city. More often than not UFOs are spotted in rural settings. Perhaps that is just because cities are so busy that most people don't have time to look up into the sky to notice UFOs. So, this UFO picture of a UFO flying over Detroit in the mid 1970's is a real treat.

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This area in New Mexico is a well know UFO sighting spot so it was only a matter of time before somebody caught a UFO picture from that spot. What we find particularly interesting about this UFO picture is how low the UFO is flying to the ground. Maybe it was taking a picture of the person who was taking the UFO picture!

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This is a classic UFO picture from the 1960's. A farmer in Wyoming was out tending his field when he saw a UFO flying over his field. The UFO came back day after day and he knew nobody would believe him. So, one day he brought along his camera and managed to capture this UFO picture. He never noticed any cows missing during the day but was convinced that something funny was going on with them at night. It certainly wouldn't have been the first report of UFOs having an interest in cows.

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This is probably the oldest of the UFO pictures we have in our collection. It is reported that this UFO picture is from the 1940's but we aren't exactly sure of the date it was taken. What it does show is that the interest in UFO pictures is nothing new and out parents and grandparents were just as interested in what was above their heads in the sky as we are today.

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The interesting thing about this UFO picture is the clear shot of an airplane approaching the UFO in the sky. The person that sent us this UFO picture didn't fully explain what happened when the plane got close to the UFO but we would really love to know the true story behind this UFO picture.


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