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   known that you have ever been dishonest about anything publicly in your life, then you might as well count on your claim being totally ignored, or at least not taken very seriously by most. Unfortunately, people DO make up claims of UFO sightings and even alien contact, and the reasons can be as varied as the individuals making the claims. Many folks have chosen such claims as a means by which to profit from. This usually has a negative effect on the UFO community. Whether the claim seems legitimate or not, when the individual in question is seen to profit from their claim, it immediately reveals a possible personal motive and can easily discredit the entire case. But fortunately, there is also an abundance of eyewitness testimony, where the witness is considered to be highly credible and shows no signs of personal gain or a hidden agenda.

  A prime example of this might be the Socorro, Mexico case of April 24, 1964. In this case we find the primary witness to be police officer Lonnie Zamora. The significance of this case is that investigators were able to arrive on the scene within hours, and document their findings. Landing marks such as impressions in the souls, and burnt brush, were discovered, which further corroborated Mr. Zamora's claim. Multiple witnesses can also add credibility to a case, especially when there are witnesses unknown to each other, as with the Pheonix Lights case of March 13,1997.


  Many, many witnesses have come forward with eyewitness reports, and some even with video footage to back up their claim. Today, video footage of these lights is readily available on the net for downlaod. One of the greatest examples of multiple witness cases might include the reports coming out of Mexico during and since the 1991 eclipse. Thousands of people claim to have been witness to these objects apparently flying around in their skies, and hundreds have captured them on video. Some might refer to it as one of the biggest UFO waves of the 20th century. Now when you have mutiple eyewitness reports, backed by credible witnesses, reliable documentation, video and photgraphic evidence...the claim is harder to dismiss.

Personal claims made by a single individual are hard to fairly evaluate but I don't refer to just your average everyday UFO sighting. I am also referring to the more unbelievable claims that are often made. Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked at Area 51 to reverse-engineer the power plant from an alien craft, would be a prime example of this. He also claims to have viewed briefing documents containing information on aliens and their technology. Travis Walton's claim of alien abduction seems beyond belief, but at the same time he passed three polygraph tests, which he volunteered for. Add that to the corroborating eyewitness reports of his buddies, and the fact that he was missing for several days, and the case seems very hard to totally discount.

  Robert Dean, better known as Bob Dean, is another example. Mr. Dean is a former NATO Command Sergeant Major who claims to have had NATO's highest security clearance. He has claimed that while assigned to NATO's Supreme Headquarters Command, to have viewed a NATO UFO Report called "The Assessment". According to him, the document concluded that we (the Earth and humans) had been under some kind of analysis or study by several high technology civilizations, for a very long time. How are we to believe such claims without being able to examine these supposed documents for ourselves? Some people have nothing to back up their story but their own word, which just isn't enough for everybody, even though many of these people may appear to be very honest and sincere individuals that have nothing to gain from lying. James McDivitt (Gemini and Apollo astronaut) has claimed to have taken a few pictures of a craft while on a mission in space, but that they disappeared after being turned over to NASA.

With the exception of eyewitness reports, photographic evidence is probably the form of evidence most readily available to the public. For as long as cameras have been around, we can find photos of strange objects in the sky. Unfortunately, due to technology, pictures can be extremely difficult to evaluate, especially more recent ones. But that is one of the nice things about photgraphic evidence...we can go back to a time when photgraphic forgery was in its infancy and easy to detect.

   This doesn't necessarily prove anything, but does give more credibility to images where no indication of forgery is evident. Over the years, we have gotten better at detecting fakes and the many methods used to create them, but the forgers have also gotten better at creating them. Sometimes individuals have tried to substantiate their claims with faked images they have created. Sometimes they may even totally believe their own experience to be genuine but lack sufficient proof to back it up. So they then attempt to create their own proof, which is usually discovered by some means later on.

This then totally discredits any details, photos or other evidence the person has in their possession that may in fact be genuine. Today, the validity of many ufo photographs remain undetermined. So basically what we are left with in this area, is a large amount of obvious fakes (and those generally accepted to be fakes), and also a large amount of photos that are labeled as "true unknowns", where the object(s) is question cannot be possitively identified and no indication of forgery is evident. 

  The area which often recieves the most scrutiny, is likely the video footage. If even one example of this type of evidence were to be labeled as authentic, then society as a whole might be forced to accept the UFO reality. To date, no such footage has ever come forward. Most are at one time or another, labeled as fakes....sometimes for obvious reasons, and sometimes not so obvious reasons. Take the now well-known alien autopsy film for example. It recieved immediate attention, which soon turned to negative attention for those responsible for its distribution.

   The vast majority now believe it to be a forgery, due to certain aspects of the film and an unwillingness on the part of the source(s) to cooperate with researchers and supply even a few negatives of the film to be thoroughly examined by professionals. Then there are the cases where you have mutiple video footage of the same object(s) from seperate sources, like with the Pheonix Lights and Mexico cases. These are much harder to label as fakes, due to the scale of deception required to fool multiple witnesses and cameras from different areas, fixed on the same location. There is a lot of video footage that is "believed" to be faked, but there is also a lot that remains undetermined. Some of this video footage even comes from NASA itself.


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