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09.03.2010 um 15:23 (UTC)
Ex Military Man Photographs UFO Over Lake
Received a very interesting report from Piotr Cielebiaś of the NOL-Eastern European UFO Journal, concerning a sighting by retired Lt. Col. Robert G. The following is my adaptation of the original report from the Lt. Colonel and his photographs. rnrnName: Lt. Col. Robert G. retired (last name withheld at the request of the witness)rnPlace: Zywieckie Lake, Wojewodztwo Slaskie, PolandrnDate: May 22, 2006rn
Do Air Force Flights Deliberately Avoid UFOs?
Analysis of flight patterns of many Air Forces as documented in various public sources reveal an interesting pattern.rnrnSomehow major Air Forces in the world avoid certain part of their territories at certain times. Computer models show interesting correlation between UFO sightings and avoidance of flights by the Air Forces in that region of the world.rnrnWhat that really means is that Governments know where UFOs will operate their flight activities and these days cooperating Governments avoid flying into those regions. Interestingly commercial aircrafts fly in specific routes controlled by the countries.rnrnThe big question then is how are these UFOs contacting the Governments?rnrnSome scientists and engineers believe the communications are taking place secretly at very special short-wavelength, high-frequency signals that occupy the electromagnetic spectrum above 190 THz in the infrared range. It is the optical wireless range that requires special devices and is normally out of reach of the public though in some countries no licensing is required.rnrnThe communication in many cases are electro-magnetically shielded and encrypted. There are researchers all around the world who are receiving such signals and are working on reverse engineering the shield as well as the encryption. It will not be long before someone comes out with complete details of these secret communication mechanisms.rnrnIt is not known if the shielding of communication is created by the extraterrestrials or by the countries involved in such communication. Very strange signals are being passed in that frequency range and are very difficult to detect.rn
UFO encounter in Broad Daylight
In the spring of 2001 I was living in Richmond, Virginia, at the Laurel Pines Apartment complex on Audibon Road. This is located about 400 yards from the west end of the east-west runway of the Richmond International Airport. It was an hourly occurrence to see commercial aircraft landing there. The Virginia Air National guard also operates out of this airport. Frequently, on weekends, we saw F-15 Strike Eagle aircraft and C-130 Hercules aircraft operating from the runways, as well as commercial aircraft.rnrnI spent seven years in the U.S. Navy, and four of those years were spent in the south East Asian Theater of Operations. For the month of December 1972 my unit was involved in the LINEBACKER II air strikes on North Vietnam. My work was to observe and supervise other observers tasked with protecting my unit from air attack by North Vietnamese MIG aircraft. I have seen anti-aircraft flack fire, and anti-aircraft missile launches of both Russian and American machines. I have seen B-52 aircraft, on radar, making bombing runs on the port of Haiphong. I have observed red hot naval shells, headed inshore from gun equipped U.S. Navy Cruisers, as they passed 1500 feet over my head. ( They sound like a fast freight train rumbling by in the sky.) I have observed helicopters, Bell UH1B "Huey, Sikorsky Sea Kings, Jolly Green Giants, Cobra Attack choppers, F4 Phantoms, P-3 Orion, A7 Sky Raiders, in short, any aircraft in operation in the theater I have at some time observed under every weather condition and lighting condition. On radar, I have observed every one of these aircraft that flew in the area of operations.rn
Two UFOs Over Ireland
My daughter photographed me at Stokestown House, in Roscommon Ireland, the witness stated. While inspecting the photos on my PC [ Eximil Casio S600 ] I noticed a funny shape over my head. The zoom showed a sort of saturn-like object. On the other photo of the house, a small sphere seemed to float over the house. I was hoping a photo expert could distinguish the possibilities. rnrnYou can email Ken Pfeifer at Visit Ken Pfeifer's website at
Two Photos of a UFO or Is It Lense Flare in Tennessee?
Witness: Tom BushrnDate: November 26, 2009rnTime: 1:00 a.m.rnLocation: Primm Springs, TennesseernrnrnrnReceived a submission from Tom Bush on January 3, 2010. He claims to have photographed an unknown object last November and was kind enough to send us two photographs along with his description.rnrnTom Bush lives in Primm Springs, TN.rnrnThe following is Tom's description of his photographs: On 11.26.09 at 1:00 a.m. I took two pictures off my front porch. I was playing with a new camera I had just purchased. rnrnI did not notice the UFO's until the next morning when I down loaded the pictures to my computer.rnrnThe 1st picure was out of focus so I took another one. They were two minutes apart. I have attached the two photos with a day time photo so you can see there was nothing to reflect light there. rnrnExamine the top photo that Tom shot. There appears to be another object to the top right of the large green object. It is appears not to be part of the main object but either a reflection (I can't explain why the object would be show a reflection) or an accompanying object or craft.rnrnThe second photo shows an object that appears to be banking or turning so that all we see is the bottom or base of the object.rnrnFrom this angle we do not see the accompanying object. rnrnYou can contact Tom Bush by email at
Due out February 2010 and available for pre-order. www.healingsofatlantis.comrnrnThroughout the centuries UFOs hovered over Russia , and USOs (Unidentified Undersea Objects) lurked in its waters. This book introduces the phenomena of the most important cases, observations, and sightings. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA endeavours to describe efforts of those dedicated researchers who have stubbornly pursued UFO research in the Russian Empire, the USSR, and modern Russia.rnrnThe evidence in this piece of literature is extensive both in scope and detail. In its totality, it comprises a body of evidence written in the style of a Russian, which at the very least supports the general assessment of describing as fully as possible Soviet and Russian UFO cases, research areas, prominent personalities involved in such research (military, intelligence agencies, cosmonauts and civilians), opinions and viewpoints of those who were and are serious in their approach to the study of anomalous phenomena.rnrnWhatever the UFO phenomena is, it is certainly not a modern invention as this unique history clearly demonstrates. The history of UFO sightings and contacts over the lands that later became known as Russia date back thousands of years. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA is not meant to be definitive in any way, but is meant to show that UFO research has been and still is very active in the former USSR, and that a vigorous programme of research and serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted.rnrnWritten by Philip Mantle from the UK and Paul Stonehill, originally from the Ukraine,but now a citizen of the USA, east meets west for the first time in this unique publication.rn
UFO Congress convention landed in Laughlin Yesterday, Feb. 21, 2010
Researchers and interested humans from around planet Earth will arrive at the Colorado River border of Arizona and Nevada later this month to encounter the mysteries, theories, evidence and possible answers about UFOs. rnrnThe 19th annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival will be held in Laughlin, Nevada, from Feb. 21 through Feb. 27 at the Aquarius Casino Resort.rnrnDozens of U.S.-based and international speakers with expertise in the field of alleged extraterrestrial visitation to Earth will give presentations throughout the week.rnrnTopics will include perspectives on the nature of ET encounters with the human race, U.S. and international defense and intelligence activities related to ET visitation, advanced technologies linked to ET contact and a range of related elements involved in these intriguing areas of research and widespread interest.rnrnRetired Air Force Lt. Col. Donald Ware and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens will be among the speakers with decades of experience investigating these kinds of topics.rn
'New' UFOs: Of Triangles and Beams of Light
Posted: 11:30 March 8, 2010: 'New' UFOs: Of Triangles and Beams of Light by Regan Lee. Theses beams of light light up large areas, are disconcertingly bright, and almost seem to go after humans, in the sense they appear right where humans will see them. Whether or not that last part is due to the specifics of the UFO, or coincidence, too early to tell. Me, always leaning on the paranoid suspect side of events like this, considers these weird beams to be intentionally staged 'UFO' events.
Alien Abduction Defenses
Posted: 15:05 March 6, 2010: Alien Abduction Defenses by Paul Schroeder. I was very recently interviewed by Hayden Topperwien, an Australian filmmaker, who asked me to act as technical/consulting advisor in background research for his upcoming film about 'Psychiatry vs. Possession.' Below are some of his questions: In your view, what is the most misrepresented aspect of this field in cinema/literature? Are there any aspects that you feel would be dangerous for public consumption?
Alien Motivation: 'The Rest Of The Story'
Posted: 11:22 March 5, 2010: Alien Motivation: 'The Rest Of The Story' by Doc Edwards. I think most everyone who is aware of, and accepts as a reality, the presence of alien or extraterrestrial life and intelligence, as well as the conviction that this alien life has visited earth, both now and in the past, would agree when I say that one thing is for sure: "they" have come here for some very definite reason(s). As an aid to discovering and understanding just what that reason, or reasons, might actually be, consider the little hypothetical, fantasy story and scenario that follows below.
A UFO Digest Spotlight on Remote Viewing
Posted: 15:27 March 4, 2010: A UFO Digest Spotlight on Remote Viewing by James Walsh. The official Department of Defence definition of Remote Viewing was: The learned ability to transcend space and time, to view persons, places or things remote in space and time; to gather and report information on the same
Posted: 14:00 March 5, 2010: UFO Digest Spotlight On...WHY COAST-TO-COAST AM RULES THE NIGHT by Vince White. The mainstream voices that daily pour forth a torrent of trivial, terrible and topical trash, wonder why so many heads and ears are tuning their dials to 'Coast to Coast AM' in ever increasing numbers.

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