I would like to group together various sources of information that points to the arrival of aliens ships in 2012.

Here is a link to a Project Camelot interview of Mr X who has since died, who claimed to have once worked with handling confidential documents regarding alien contact. He tells of the mass landing of aliens in the later part of 2012.

Project Camelot interviews "Mr X", a former UFO archivist


There are recent news on the internet that speaks of giant spaceships reaching Earth in 2012. Some of the information such as names may not be true(for a good reason), but I believe the main message of impending mass alien contact is true.


You can hear David Wilcock talking about a similar event in this video back in 2009--
Pt 3/8. David wilcock ~ Project Camelot Interview Sept 2009

The information of approaching space ships wasn't from David Wilcock himself, he got to know about it from a source.

I have my trust on the information based on my trust in Dolores Cannon's mention of space ships appearing in 2012, only to accommodate those with specific vibrations to board the ships while planet-wide cataclysms occur. Dolores Cannon was a well-known UFO investigator. In one of her interviews about ancient civilizations, she talked about ETs accommodating ancient groups of people in their ships while they compress time to speed up into the people's post-cataclysmic future.

If you have any more good reliable information regarding the arrival of aliens in 2012, please add to this thread. No unnecessary jokes please, many of us are serious about realizing what could be in store for our future.